Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Goodbye sweet Hailey

Today is Hailey's birthday. She is 14. She's been very sick for the past week and everyday we thought it would be her last. But true to her personality, she hung in there. She was *always* a trooper.

Actually, about a month ago, was when she first got sick, but somehow she pulled through and went from really sick, to almost her old self. The camping dog that she was, we think that she really just wanted to go to Acadia with us. Her last big trip - which she did. She spent a full week in Maine and I think she loved every minute of it.

When we got home from Acadia, she took a huge turn for the worse.
A few days ago, Shauna begged Hailey to hang in there. Just till her birthday. I told Shauna that there was no way that she could do that. It just wasn't possible. Shauna said that she knew in her heart that Hailey could do it. I kept telling her not to get her hopes up. And yet every morning we'd wake to find Hailey hanging on.
Last night at midnight, when everyone had gone to bed, I went over to Hailey's bed and told her that she was amazing. She did it. She made it to her birthday. I then told her it was time to rest.
I must have checked on Hail 20 times between midnight and 6:00 a.m. She wasn't ready to let go.
When Shauna got up this morning the first thing she did was go over to Hailey and gave her a kiss on the top of her head. She said "Happy Birthday Hail, you did it. I knew you would" Shauna's faith was stronger than mine.

Hailey died in my arms at 11:00 this morning. She will always be remembered as the feisty, territorial, sweet, stubborn little Hail-bop-camping dog that she was.

We love you Hailey. Rest in peace and thank you for 14 wonderful years. You will be missed more than you know.

This was Hailey on the day that we brought her home

This was Hailey when we brought Sophie home. She took over as 'mom' to Sophie.

Hailey enjoying a visit with Kristin and Em


Kathleen said...

Oh, Ingrid! I'm so sorry to hear about Hailey. She was such a gentle sweetie, and I always loved how she quietly demanded attention whenever we were all at your house. I will really miss seeing her. I'm sending hugs to you and your family because I know how much she meant to all of you.

Dawn said...

Ingrid, I'm so sorry to read about Hailey. I know she's been hanging on for a while now. The story you shared about Shauna's wishes for Hailey brought tears to my eyes.

My hugs to you all.

take care,

Beverly said...

I am so sorry to learn the loss of your sweet girl.

I know you all gave her a happy life.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

my heart aches for you as I know how hard it is. I agree that your trip to Acadia was something the dog needed. My Devon had spent a week with me in April, I returned her to my ex and within two days she couldn't move. Just know that Hailey is in a peaceful place - and remember the wonderful times she had with you and your family...I know she does.