Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Friday, June 08, 2007

Miss Sophie, aka Princess Sophie SophiA Mae

Fell for that line again...
"I PROMISE I will take care of her - FOREVER! Even when I go off to college, I'll take her with me" Kristin/Elizabeth - Same quote, different dog :) :) :)

Our new pupster is so sweet! She's a great addition to the family.

isn't she just the cutest? :)

Who knew....

It's been how long? Between work, work, work, schooling, work and a once a week "loopy-ewes" meeting, there has been no time to blog. How long has it been? A year or more?

So, this morning I came upon this little quiz and who knew I'd end up being pegged as kermit? :) Hey, it could be worse!

You Are Kermit

Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.

You're a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life's problems.

Don't worry - everyone know's it's not easy being green.

Just remember, time's fun when you're having flies!