Friday, June 06, 2008

Blogging? What's that? I seem to have forgotten!

After reading some blogs lately, I realized that I really do miss my tiny little blog :) So, once again, I think I'll try my hand at blogging. We'll see how long it lasts this time!

These are some pictures from our April trip to the Poconos. We went with one other family and did a ton of kayaking. We did most of our trips down the Delaware Water Gap. We dropped all the kayaks & people off at the starting point, and then David & Mark drove the cars down to another launching area (our ending point) 8 miles away. Then they drove one of the cars back up to join us. Then we'd spend the day kayaking on the river (the river was really moving and we hit 10 miles an hour on our second trip!) We had a great lunch on a little desserted island. Paddled some more and eventually got to the drop off car. It worked out great. No paddling back up the river! David and Mark drove back up to where the other car was, and drove it back down to the ending spot. Piece of cake!

We're planning on doing another trip like that again this summer :)